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P.E Issues

Hi, I would like to know who is against their child/ren (boy/g...

Schools in Havering

Hi. I'm currently looking forschools in Havering at all levels...

St Olaves , Bromley

I am thinking of secondary schools for my son and I know that ...

Dagenham schools

Hi, I will be moving to Dagenham soon and would like to find o...


aParents with dyslexia and their child with dyslexia

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Primary Lessons

Game activities - unit 1

In this unit children develop basic game-playing skills.

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Secondary Lessons

Food nutrients

Does the food you eat contain all the nutrients you need? Find out how important each nutrient is and what happens if you don't eat the right kind of foods.

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GCSE Revision

Answering source-based questions

Discover the best way to tackle source-based questions in the exam. Look at a range of sources and use our checklist to make sure you've got everything covered.

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