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Schools in Havering

Hi. I'm currently looking forschools in Havering at all levels...

St Olaves , Bromley

I am thinking of secondary schools for my son and I know that ...

Dagenham schools

Hi, I will be moving to Dagenham soon and would like to find o...


aParents with dyslexia and their child with dyslexia

Dyslexic in w sussex

Hi - my 8 year old has just been confirmed as having dyslexia ...

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Primary Lessons

Alphabetically ordered texts

To use simple dictionaries, and to understand their alphabetical organisation.

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Secondary Lessons

Consumer rights

How easily are you taken in by adverts? Find out about the laws on advertising and understand your rights as a consumer.

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GCSE Revision

Packets and labels

What does all that information on food packets mean? Get the low down on food ingredients and those mysterious additives and E numbers.

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